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MBM Triumph 1058 Paper Trimmer

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The Triumph 1058 Paper Cutter is a heavy duty table top paper trimmer that has a 40 sheet capacity and a 22 1/2" cutting length. The overall table size for the 1058 is 24 1/4" x 14 1/4". The Triumph 1058 has an independent manual clamp, lockable back gauge, adjustable front gauge, precision side guides, all metal construction and a clear safety guard to protect the operator by covering the blade in any position. The Triumph 1058 also features a fold away paper support for cutting oversize documents. Advanced features such as transparent Lexan blade guards and automatic blade covers ensure the safety of the operator. The Triumph 1058 has Solingen steel blades that may be removed and re-sharpened. Contact Finitura for a quote 1-800-886-2463.

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