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Blank Copier Tabs 110#

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Buy High-Speed Blank Copier Index Tabs by the Carton

Finitura.com offers quality 110# High-Speed Blank Copier Tabs in a variety of ways, blank or copyable mylar. These high-speed Copier tabs from Finitura are blank: Uncollated, Single Straight & Reverse collated, are designed to be ran in your digital copier or printer. They are a standard sheet size tab 8.5” x 11” plus a .5” tab extension for a finished size of 9” x 11”. Our high-speed copier tabs are available with a wide variety of options, including:

  • 3 Hole Punch / No Punch
  • Clear Imprinted Trilar / Mylar or Color Mylar - Copyable
  • Reinforced Binding Edge
  • Collated or Uncollated
  • Different Cuts (5th cut is stocked)
  • Custom Tabs - don't want to print yourself?  Ask us for a quote.

All copier tabs other than 5th cut are made to order and not returnable. Those options may take 3-4 days to ship and tabs that are punched for binding may take an additional week to produce. If you need copier tabs or punched copier tabs faster than this please give us a call 800-886-2463 and we can check to see which tabs are available for immediate shipment.

Contact Finitura for pricing on  high-speed blank copier index tabs.

Copier tabs are packaged 1250 tabs per carton and depending on which cut, see how many sets are in the carton below.

3rd Cut

420 Sets

4th Cut

310 Sets

5th Cut

250 Sets

6th Cut

210 Sets

7th Cut

180 Sets

8th Cut

155 Sets

9th Cut

140 Sets

10th Cut

125 Sets

110# Index Tabs with Printable Inserts High Speed Copier Tabs 110 lb. (Sold by carton)
Starting at: $105.00
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Copier Tabs 110#
110# Index Tabs with Printable Inserts Mylar High Speed Copier Tabs 110 lb. (Sold by carton)
Starting at: $169.00
Free Shipping
Copier Tabs 110#
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