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ReBinder Recycled and Recyclable Binder

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ReBinder Recycled and Recyclable Binder

The ReBinder Original is recycled binder made from recycled corrugated cardboard featuring a unique reusable 3 ring binder mechanism, so you can replace and recycle the cover. 

ReBinder provides an ecological solution for office products that no other can claim. Our corrugated cardboard binders are 70% Recycled (at least 40% Post Consumer Recycled) and are the best alternative to toxic vinyl binders. ReBinder recycled binders are very durable and more resistant to spine-tearing than the traditional vinyl binders. ReBinder is truly recyclable and reusable because it is a corrugated cardboard binder. Vinyl binders are neither recyclable nor reusable. Unlike other binders that use rivets to attach their ring metals, ReBinder's ring metals are affixed using two screws and t-nuts that can be easily unassembled and "reused" without any waste.

We believe it's unlikely you'll ever need to replace your ReBinder cover, but if you do, it can be recycled back into the system and kept out of the landfill. Replacement covers are available for less than purchasing a new binder. Available in 1", 2" and 3" D sizes.

Why Use ReBinder?

  • Because those OTHER binders end up in a landfill
  • Made from rigid, recycled corrugated cardboard
  • Easy to recycle or compost your old cover
  • Easy to replace it with a new cover
  • Save money, save time & save mother Earth 
  • Made in America
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