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Dahle Large Format Rolling Trimmers

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This product is currently out of stock. Please check back later.

Product Description

Rolling Trimmers are the new generation of paper cutters.

Designed for safety and accuracy, the round cutting blade is encased in a protective housing that virtually eliminates the chance of personal injury. 
The rotary action of the blade allows the trimmer to cut in either direction and sharpen it’s blade along the way. It’s this self sharpening action that produces a clean burr-free cut and guarantees many years of smooth precise cutting.

Dahle now offers a line of large format rolling trimmers designed for heavy duty applications where precision is essential.

This Premium Series offers a cutting capacity of up to 22 sheets (model 446 S) or 20 sheets (model 448 S) of paper at a time as well as mat board. This performance is made possible by a thick walled aluminum guide rod which provides maximum strength with minimal side movement of the cutting head. 

These commercial grade trimmers are perfect for cutting oversize paper, large format images, and press sheets.

A metal stand with paper catch offers a stable and secure mounting solution for the trimmer. This stand also maximizes floor space while providing an optimal and comfortable height for trimming.

Sturdy metal base offers durability and longevity.             A ground self-sharpening blade that cuts in either direction.
dahle rolling paper trimmer                 

Dahle Model: 446s

  • Cut Length: 36 1/4"
  • Capacity: 22 sheets
  • Dims: 44 1/8" x 15 1/8"
  • Trimmer weight = 74 lbs, shipping weight = 110 lbs.

Dahle Model: 448s

  • Cut Length: 51 1/8"
  • Capacity: 20 sheets
  • Dims: 59" x 15 1/8"
  • Trimmer weight = 88 lbs, shipping weight = 120 lbs.



Blade Type: Rotary

German Engineered for Precision Cutting


  • Blade Encased in a Protective Housing
  • Easily trims standard size mat board
  • Self sharpening blade cuts in both directions
  • Automatic clamp holds work securely
  • Sturdy metal base with pre-printed guides
  • Imprinted protractor for angled cuts
  • Includes stand for optimal cutting height
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