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Akiles CombMac-EX24E Comb Binding Machine Akiles CombMac EX24E Features

Akiles CombMac-EX24 Comb Binding Machine

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Akiles CombMac-EX

All-In-One Akiles Electric Comb Binding Machine

With its heavy duty punch motor, built-in comb opener and complete system of functions, the Akiles CombMac-EX makes comb binding fast, easy, convenient and professional.

  • Built-In Comb Opener
  • High Volume Punching Capacity: Up to 25 sheets 20lbs paper (Letter Size).
  • Depth Margin Control: Provides the correct punch margin depth for each comb size, while maximizing document tear resistance.
  • Open Punching Throat: For punching of longer documents.
  • Diameter Scale: Measures comb Diameter.
  • Large Capacity Waste Drawer
  • Side Margin Control: Provides evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
  • Die Disengagement Pins: All dies can be independently disengaged, which allows punching of any document size while preventing partial holes.
  • Jam Release (Reverse) Switch:For reversing the machine after overpunching.
  • CE Certification: All components certified and approved by CE for the most stringent safe requirements.
  • Foot Pedal Operated
  • Punching Operation: Electric (Foot Pedal)
  • Punching Capacity: 25 Sheets (20 lb paper)
  • Punching Length: 14" with open throat for larger sizes
  • Binding Capacity: 1/4" to 2"
  • Hole Size: Rectangular (5/16" x 1/8")
  • Disengageable Dies: All 24 Dies
  • Weight & Volume: 50 lbs / 19" W x 16" D x 10" H
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Assembly Instructions

  1. Place your new unit on top of a sturdy working table
  2. Install the comb binding handle on the left side of the machine
  3. Plug the power cord and foot pedal into the back of the machine
  4. turn on the power switch and place the foot pedal on the floor

How to assemble the Akiles CombMac EX24E


Setup Instructions

  1. If you don't know the size of your comb, use the master selector to identify the proper size
  2. Push and turn the depth margin control to the color that corresponds to the correct comb size. Green = 3/16"-5/16", Yellow = 3/8"-1/2", Gray = 9/16"-1 1/4", Red = 1 1/2"+
Akiles EX24 Comb Binding Setup EX24 Comb Binding Machine Setup Instructions

Punching Instructions

  1. Alight side margin control to proper sheet and cover size. There are different side margins for 11" sheets & their 11-1/4" covers
  2. Pull out disengagement pins to avoid partially punched holes
  3. Insert sheets and press foot pedal to punch

EX24E Punching Directions



 Punching Operation
  • Electric (Foot Pedal)
Punching Capacity 
  • Up to 25 Sheets (20lbs paper)
Punching Length 
  • 14" (Open Throat for Larger Sizes
Disenageable Dies 
  •  24 Dies
Binding Capacity 
  • 3/16" To 2" 
Hole Size 
  • Rectangular (5/16" x 1/8") 
Weight & Dimensions 
  • 50 lbs / 19"W x 16" D x 10" H 
  •  1 Year


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