In-house machine repair of binding, cutting and paper finishing machines In-house machine repair of binding, cutting and paper finishing machines

Binding Machine, Shredder & Lamination Machine Repair

Is your Powis Parker Fastback® binder or other finishing equipment down?
Don't Panic!

Call Finitura Service at 800-886-2463. We'll get your binding equipment back up and running ASAP.

Binding Machines

Fast Binding Machine, Laminator, Shredder & Finishing Equipment Repair

Finitura’s decades of binding industry experience make us uniquely qualified to repair, improve, upgrade or replace your binding machine.  Binding machine expertise is experiential, our team has been repairing binder equipment longer than anyone.  Finitura binding equipment service is fast and affordable.  From old school Velobind binding machines to cutting-edge Powis Parker Fastback binding machines Finitura has trained and certified binding technicians on staff.

Have your own in-house binder equipment expert?  Order replacement parts from Finitura and we’ll get them where you need them faster than you can shake a stick.

We will repair your machine even if you did not buy it from us. Call us. We will help.

Finitura offers fast & affordable:

Binding Machine Repair Laminator Repair Paper Finishing Machine Repair Shredder Repair

We repair virtually every make and model of finishing machines. Businesses and schools turn to Finitura for help repairing everything from Akiles to Velobind products, and anything in between. Finitura's machine repair team is committed to repairing your damaged equipment faster than the competition. Don't hesitate, contact Finitura today for the best in finishing machine repair.

Binding Machine Repair

Finitura repairs every conceivable type of binding machine available on the market. We repair broken binding machines for every kind of commercial and private customer. We'll service your damaged machine even if we didn't sell it to you. Whatever you use to bind your finished products, Finitura can repair it. We service:

Keep your process-critical binding machines running with repair services from Finitura. Your jammed binding machine doesn’t need to slow down your production process. Get back to work & get back to making money. Contact Finitura for fast binding machine repair.

Popular Binding Machine Brands We Repair









Laminator Repair

If your laminator consistently jams, bubbles, or wrinkles, you might be wasting thousands of dollars on ruined materials. A damaged laminator can increase waste and cause production costs to skyrocket. Finitura employs laminator repair experts to fix broken machines for business customers in every field. We can repair your laminator even if you didn't buy it from us, and we will fix it faster than the competition. Finitura repairs all kinds of laminators, including:

Don’t wait for lesser companies to fix your process-critical equipment. Finitura repairs laminators for countless businesses and schools. We even repair laminators we didn’t sell. Don’t wait. Contact Finitura for fast laminator repair.


Popular Laminator Brands We Repair







Paper Finishing Repair

A broken paper folder can destroy an entire print order in a flash. A damaged business card slitter can put orders on hold. Don’t let faulty equipment hurt your bottom line. Finitura repairs a wide selection of finishing equipment, and can fix it faster than our competition. Businesses and schools turn to Finitura for fast, affordable paper finishing machine repair. We service:

Other companies might take weeks to repair your process-critical paper finishing equipment. Finitura will fix your finishing equipment ASAP, even if you didn’t buy it from us. We will have you up and running in no time. Contact Finitura for fast paper finishing machine repair.

Popular Finishing Equipment Brands We Repair






Shredder Repair

Your business might struggle to properly destroy sensitive documents and items if your shredder is broken. Finitura repairs everything from small, personal shredders to massive industrial units. Finitura repairs mechanical errors, replaces broken parts, and clears error codes. We repair broken shredders for businesses and private customers alike. We even repair shredders we didn’t sell. Don’t wait. Contact Finitura for fast shredder repair services.

Popular Shredder Brands We Repair



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