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Small Spiral Coil Binding Machines

Small Volume Coil Binding Machines from Akiles & Tamerica

Finitura carries a number of small coil binding machines from Akiles and Tamerica. These small binding machines are perfect for home office use or for low volume binding.

Choose a small binding machine if you plan on binding just a few books a month. The coil binding systems typically have a manual punch and bind, are made for an 8 /2" x 11" sheet of paper, have few options, are made of plastic, and cost less than $600. 

Small Spiral Coil Binding Machines

Akiles CoilMac-M Series Standard Akiles CoilMac-M Series
Starting at: $769.00
Free Shipping
Manual Coil Punch with EZ Inserting Table [NOW AVAILABLE IN TWO VERSIONS!]
Akiles Rubicoil Coil Binding Machine Akiles RubiCoil
Free Shipping
Akiles RubiCoil Manual Coil Punch and Bind Machine punches up top 10 sheets of 20lbs bond paper.
Tamerica Optimus - 46i Coil Machine 01OPT46i Tamerica Optimus-46i Coil Machine
Free Shipping
Tamerica Optimus Series Punch & Bind Machines punches up to 20 sheets and coil binds up to 220 sheets
Akiles iCoil Binding Machines Akiles iCoil 4:1 & 4:1+ Binding Machine
Starting at: $549.00
Out of Stock
Free Shipping
Akiles iCoil is a coil punch and binding machine with features such as a waste drawer, and electric inserter. 2 models: iCoil 41 (43 round holes) & iCoil 41+ (44 oval holes).

More Binding Machines

Medium Volume Coil Binding Machines - Better quality manual binding machines than the smaller coil binding systems, these Medium duty machines will punch more paper at a time, are heavier duty and will last longer, and they have an electric coil inserting roller which speeds your binding.

Heavy Duty Coil Binding Machines - Able to punch and bind electrically, saving you time. These heavy duty coil binding machines will punch over 18 sheets of paper at a time, may punch for the coil with round or oval holes, and have a stronger roller inserter.

Electric Binding Machines - With an electric binding machine you can quickly punch through reams of paper. Many electric binding machines have changeable dies - so that you can punch using a die for coil binding, and later change the die to punch for comb or wire binding.

Coil Inserters - Electrically bind the coils into the paper; say goodbye to carpal tunnel!

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