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Powis Parker Fastback® Tape Binding Machines and Supplies

Fastback BindersFastback® Binding Machines

Finitura is the leading distributor of Powis Parker Fastback® binders. Fastback® tape binding machines make it easy to quickly bind hardcover books, softcover presentations, catalogs and more. Finitura sells the Fastback® 9 & Fastback® 20, and a complete selection of Fastback® binding strips. We even have technicians who repair new and old Fastback® machines. Finitura has some of the internet’s best prices on Fastback® binders. Order your Powis Parker Fastback® machine or tape supplies from Finitura.

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Powis Parker Fastback® Tape Binding Machines and Supplies

Fastback 9 - FB9 Powis Parker Fastback 9 Thermal Tape Binder
Powis FB9 thermal tape binder creates anything from a simple report, 10 to 250 sheet book. Strips can be customized with your logo or information. Contact Finitura for a quote 1-800-886-2463.
Fastback 20 - FB20 Powis Parker Fastback 20 Thermal Tape Binder
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Powis FB20 thermal tape binder creates anything from a simple report to a 350-sheet hard cover book in 15-35 seconds. Strips can be customized with your logo or information. Contact Finitura for a quote 1-800-886-2463.
Top 10 Reasons
Fortune 500 Companies Use Fastback® Binding

Fastback® Binding is More Durable

Fastback® binding is more durable than combs, wire, or coils. The binding process used in Fastback® binding creates a strong adhesive seal on every page of document which results in a flat, rigid spine. If your information is worth binding for distribution, your information is worth Fastback® binding.


Better Documents = More Sales With Fastback® Binding

Big business needs big sales, professional looking and feeling materials are better selling tools. A Fastback® bound document has the feel of a book you could stick on a shelf and keep for years. Unlike floppy packets cluttering work space fastback® bound reports, tretus, prospectus and sales tools are easily cataloged on a shelf even fit neatly into an executive briefcase. Materials that look and feel permanent garner interest, are taken seriously and lead to a higher ROI.


Thick or Thin, Fastback® Binds It All!

When binding thicker documents Fastback® Binding saves time. Fastback® binding machines can be ordered with capabilities from ten to three hundred and fifty pages. Fastback® binding machines securely bind as many pages as you can fit. Other binding methods are limited by the machine (or your arm’s) ability to punch holes through stacks of paper.


Fastback® Binding Simply Outperforms in High Volume Applications

No more waiting for the right size custom binders to arrive. Fastback® is scalable from small to high volume document production. Documents large or small use narrow, medium, or wide size binding strip. Other binding require varied sizes binding materials and a judgement call deciding the best size for any individual binding application. Unlike large production runs with ring binding or comb, wire, and coil binding one or one thousand documents stack neatly.


Fastback® Binding Equals Less Failure

Comb, Wire, and Coil Binding get crushed, bent, and snap. Fastback® binding creates documents with less failure points. Fastback® bindings resist wear and tear better and stay new under use longer.


Maintenance - Set Fastback® Binder and Forget It!

Maintenance free hardware is a big advantage of Fastback® binding. A Fastback® binding machine has fewer moving parts. Fastback® Binding machines have no punch dies or punch pins that wear out or fail when you need to produce.


Faster Binding - Yup, The Fast in Fastback® Means Fast

In big business saving time saves money. A Fastback® binding system creates a sturdy, beautiful and lasting document in ten seconds. No other binding method is as efficient.


No Fuss With Fastback® Binding

Fastback® is a simpler, less nerve-fraying alternative to other binding methods. No holes to punch, no binding to fiddle with and thread in, and fastback® bound documents don’t come undone without intentional effort.


Hole Punches are Obsolete with Fastback®

Fastback® thermal tape binders offer an option to bind rare, unique, archival, or valuable documents together without punching holes.


Customizable Options Make Fastback® Documents Uniquely You

The documents Fortune 500 Companies put out represent your brand. Completely customizable Fastback® binding provides a myriad of options for document creation. Beyond just color, fastback® bindings allow hard or soft cover, pre-printed company logos on the spine. A Fastback® bound document can be completely customized providing a lasting, indelible, positive impression.


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Powis Parker Fastback Info

Don't forget to order Fastback® binding strips! Finitura carries Fastback® image blanks, Powis Parker Super Strips & more.

Call 262-650-9999 for more information.

Fastback® Tape Binding MachineFast & Efficient Thermal Tape Binding Machines

Fastback® thermal tape binding machines from Finitura are the perfect fit for customers in need of quality binding but don’t have the space or time for larger binding machines. Powis Parker Fastback® binding machines let users choose between hardcover, softcover and even perfectback strips so booklets lay flat.

Powis Parker Fastback® 9 Binding Machine

The Powis Parker Fastback® 9 binding machine from Finitura is ideal for small offices or home use. Binding a book or presentation with the Fastback® 9 takes less than 40 seconds, meaning you can get more done with just the press of a button. The Fastback® 9 can bind up to 250 sheets into a professional, presentable document.

Powis Parker Fastback BinderPowis Parker Fastback® 20 Binding Machine

The Powis Parker Fastback® 20 binding machine from Finitura is perfect for offices who need to bind large volumes from small to thick booklets. Binding strips used in the Fastback® 20 have a thermoplastic adhesive remains strong over time, and can withstand 50 pounds of pull. The Fastback® 20 can bind up to 350 sheets into a sturdy, striking document.


Fastback® 9 vs Fastback® 20

Fastback® 9 FB9 Specifications

Binding Capacity: 10 to 250 sheets
Machine Dimensions: 19.5"W x 11"H x 13"D
Maximum Weight: 17 lbs
Spine Thickness: Narrow, Medium
Optimal Paper Weight: 20 lb standard to 32 lb
Binding Time: 35-45 Seconds
Warm-Up Time: None
Powis Strip Types: Lx-Strip
Powis Parker Binding Machine Fastback® 9 FB9

Fastback® 20 FB20 Specifications

Binding Capacity: 10 to 350 sheets
Machine Dimensions: 23.5"W x 9"H x 23"D
Maximum Weight: 57 lbs
Spine Thickness: Narrow, Medium, Wide
Optimal Paper Weight: 20 lb standard to 32 lb
Binding Time: 13-20 Seconds
Warm-Up Time: Up to 3 Minutes
Powis Strip Types: All (except LX Strips)
Fastback® 20 FB20 Binding Machine Powis Parker