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Akiles VersaMac Plus

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Akiles VersaMac Plus Modular Punch & Stacker SystemAkiles VersaMac Plus

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Commercial Grade Electric Modular Punch with Automatic Paper Ejector & Stacker. With its ability to Automatically Punch, Eject, Stack, and Jog, the Akiles VersaMac+ is the perfect solution for high volume commercial environments, where speed and dependability are key. 

Akiles VersaMac Plus Features

  • Heavy Duty Punch Motor: Punches over 500 sheets per min with 70 punch cycles per minute.
  • Interchangeable Die Sets: Quickly change punch patterns by sliding any of the 14 available die sets in and out. No tools needed.
  • Extra Large Paper Stacker: Holds up to 1500 sheets or 3 reams of 20 lb paper and includes a built-in jogger.
  • 3 Year Warranty: The VersaMac Plus is covered by our industry leading 3 year warranty.
  • Side Margin Control: Positions your paper for a well-centered punch.
  • Stacking Stabilizer
  • Manual Jam Release: (Behind machine)
  • Paper Feed Stabilizer
  • Die Lock w/ Safety Sensor
  • Reverse Button
  • Mode Toggle: Switch between Auto, Foot Pedal, and Punch Only Operation.
  • Die Storage: Conveniently store up to two dies.
  • Paper Guides: Adjustable guides align stacks up to 14" wide.
  • Stacking Table: Stacks up to 1500 sheets of 20 lb paper and includes a built-in jogger.
  • Plus it has a large waste drawer!

Akiles VersaMac Plus Punch Die Installation Guide

  1. From the right-hand side of the machine, insert the punch die into the Die Set Channel (Picture 1).
  2. Slide the punch die all the way in (Picture 2).
  3. Turn the Die Locking Clamp clockwise to securely lock the punch die in place (Picture 2 & 3).
  4. Turn the Main Power Switch ON. Indicator light for "Die In" will turn green.
  5. Make the appropriate adjustment to select the Depth Margin position best suited for your job. There are 4 available depth margin positions in each punch die (2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm from edge of paper to the nearest edge of hole). Adjustments can be done by PULLING or PUSHING the Depth Margin Control Bar towards the LEFT or RIGHT side of the machine (Picture 4).

VersaMac Plus Punch Die Installation Guide

How to Change the Punch Die on the Akiles VersaMac PlusChange Die on VersaMac Plus

  1. Switch off power (Picture 1). DO NOT turn power back on until Punch Die is fully inserted and the clamp is in the LOCKED position (Picture 2).
  2. Lift up the lever of the Die-Lock Clamp and turn it counterclockwise to unlock the Punch Die (Picture 3). During the turn, make sure the lever does not hit the Depth Margin Adjustment Bar (Picture 4).
  3. Gently pull on the Punch Die Handle to slide the existing Punch Die out of your VersaMac Plus (Picture 5). When the Punch Die is about half way out, use BOTH HANDS to hold the die and remove it completely (Picture 6).
  4. Use the included Cleaning Brush to remove any paper debris out of the Punch Throat and other opening areas in your VersaMac Plus.
  5. Install a different Punch Die into the machine by following the Installation Guide.

Akiles VersaMac Plus Punch Guide

  1. Turn on the power switch. Both LED indicator lights at manual control panel should light up.
  2. Align the Side Margin Control to the correct position according to the die punch installed and sheet (or cover) size being used.
  3. Press "mode" button at manual control panel to select the preferred mode.

Akiles VersaMac Plus Punching Mode

  1. Auto Mode: Insert sheets into the punch throat from the right-hand side of the machine, then slide it towards the left to activate the automatic punching and paper ejection.
  2. Foot Pedal Mode: Activate the punching and paper ejection by stepping on the foot pedal.
  3. Punch Only Mode: Activate the punching action by stepping on the foot pedal. Paper will not be ejected.

Akiles VersaMac Plus Troubleshooting Guide

Machine is Switched On but Won't Run

The Power Indicator Light on the Control Panel is ON.
  • Plug in the power cord properly, and make sure Power Switch is turned ON
Circuit breaker tripped due to the different electrical voltage used than the one specified on VersaMac label.
  • Plug the power cord into an outlet with the correct voltage, press the Circuit Breaker Reset Switch to reset it.
The Die-In Indicator light on the Control Panel is ON.
  • Make sure the punch die is FULLY INSERTED and the clamp is in the LOCKED position.
Top Cover is open and the safety sensor has been activated.
  • Make sure the Top Cover is closed to deactivate the safety sensor.
#8 Allen Key Wrench is inserted into the machine and the safety sensor has been activated.
  • Remove the #8 Allen Key Wrench from the machine to deactivate the safety sensor.
Foot pedal has been pressed but machine does not work.
  • Make sure the Foot Pedal cord is properly plugged into the machine and the correct mode is selected.

Paper Jam

Punch action stopped before the cycle ended.
  • Remove power cord from machine.
  • Insert the #8 Allen Key Wrench into the hole in the left side panel of the machine.
  • If the punch action is stopped before all the punch pins reached their fully extended position turn the #8 Allen Key Wrench counterclockwise to pull the punch pins out of the sheet.
  • If the punch action stopped after all the punch pins reached their fully extended position turn the #8 Allen Key Wrench clockwise to continue the punch pins out of the sheet.
  • Remove all sheets from punch throat.
  • Remove #8 Allen Key Wrench from the machine, then turn ON the power and press the foot pedal to make sure the machine operates correctly.
  • Punch again with reduced number of sheets.
Punch Die not properly installed on VersaMac Plus.
  • Make sure both sides of the Pin Retainer Cover are securely locked in place and the punch die is fully inserted into the machine with the clamp locked.
Punching action becomes more noisy than normal and punch pins lack lubrication.
  • Remove the Punch Die set and apply lubrication.
Paper Chip Container is overflowed.
  • Empty the Paper Chip Container.
Contact Finitura for more information on Akiles binding machines and other heavy duty coil binding machines.


Akiles VersaMac Plus Technical Specifications

Akiles VersaMac Plus Specs

Punching Operation
  • Electric (Automatic or Foot Pedal)
Punching Capacity
  • 500 + sheets/min
Punching Length
  • 14" with Open End
Stack Capacity
  • 1500 sheets (20 lb paper)
Available Die Sets
Disengageable Pins
  • Yes (On all die sets)
Adjustable Depth Margin
  • Yes (4-step adjustment on each die set)
Machine Dimensions
  • 43" L x 21.5" H x 26" D
Weight & Volume
  • 234 lbs & 18.3 CbFt
  • 3 Year


Akiles VersaMac Plus Operator Manual


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