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Powis Parker Fastback 20 Binding Machine - FB20

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Powis Parker FB20 Quick Specs:


8.5", 11"




Paper Weight





3 min warm-up time

Easy to use interface

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Powis Parker Fastback 20 Binding Machine



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Powis Parker Fastback 20 FB20 Thermal Tape Binder

Powis Parker Fastback 20 FB20 Binding MachineThe Powis Parker Fastback 20 is one of the fastest, most efficient fastback binders available today. Durable with a sleek design, your new Fastback 20 binds catalogs, prospectus, marketing materials and bound documents in less than 15 seconds with the press of a single button. The end product is stronger & more attractive than coil, comb or wire binding. This upgraded binding machine comes with an easy to use LCD guiding users through each step.

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Powis Parker Fastback 20 FB20 Highlights

  • Binds 10 to 350 sheets in 15 - 35 seconds
  • Documents can be edited after they are bound
  • Strip binding
  • Perfect binding
  • Hardcover binding
  • Image Strip binding
  • 3.5 times faster than punch and bind
  • Minimal training required

How to Bind with the Fastback 20 FB20

Fastback 20 Binding Machine

1. Prepare book block, place into machine and press the green button.

FB20 Binding Machine

2. Machine automatically measures book thickness and requests a narrow, medium or wide strip. Insert binding strip.

FB 20 Binding Machine

3. When finished, remove book and place in cooling rack.

Fastback Binding Machine Dealer

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Powis Parker Fastback 20 FB20 Specs

Machine Dimensions
  • 23.5”W x 14.5”H 23”D
  • 66 lbs
Spine Lengths
  • max. 12” (30.5cm)
  • min. 5.5” (13.97 cm)
Spine Thickness
  • Narrow
  • Medium
  • Wide
Binding Time
  • 15-35 seconds
Binding Capacity
  • 10-700 pages; 1.5” max. thickness
Page Sizes
  • max. 12” (30.5cm)
  • min. 6” (15.24cm)
Optimal Paper Weight
  • 20 lb standard to 32 lb
Edit Capability
  • Yes (< 2 edit cycles)
Warm-Up Time
  • < 3 minutes
USA Power Requirements
  • 115V, 60 Hz, 7 amps
Regulatory Approvals


Powis Parker Fastback FB20 Binding Strips


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