School Laminators

Finitura carries 27" roll laminating machines for use in schools. Warming up in 5-10 minutes, school laminators from Finitura are perfect for making fast, large projects. We offer  FREE SHIPPING  on lamination supplies when purchased with a school laminator.

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School Laminators

FuseFX FXSchool Roll Laminator FuseFX FXSchool Roll Laminator
School Roll Laminator
Wide Format Laminators 44" Phoenix Mounting Laminator
Starting at: $2,595.00
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The 44" Phoenix is a professional grade mounting laminator. Robustly designed, the Phoenix uses a metal frame construction with high quality 4" diameter silicone rollers for professional results.
DryLam 27" School-Lam Roll Laminator #02275STA DryLam SL27 27" School Digital Roll Laminator
Starting at: $1,990.00
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The DryLam 27" School-Lam Laminator is an ideal machine for thermal lamination of a wide variety of prints, ranging from black and white prints to full color posters.
The Educator Laminator edurolllam - 25" Roll Laminator The Educator 25" Roll Laminator
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The Educator 25" Roll Laminator
School-Lam SL27 System – 27” Laminating System with Cart and Supplies School-Lam SL27 System – 27” Laminating System with Cart and Supplies
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27” Laminating System with Cart and Supplies

Roll Laminator Machines for Schools

Schools require reliable, heavy-duty lamination machines to keep up with the lamination of homework, handouts, and other papers. School laminators from Finitura are designed to be easy to use and warm-up for service in less than 10 minutes. These machines take 27” rolls.

Entire school districts trust Finitura for great prices on roll laminators and service. We have great deals on binding machines, shredders, and paper finishing products. Finally, we offer efficient machine repair when equipment is out of order to keep your school day running smoothly.

Contact Finitura for information on roll laminators for schools.