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Akiles Versamac Dies

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These high quality die sets are for use with the Akiles Versamac, a heavy-duty electric modular punch machine. This wire punch machine features an interchangeable die system that gives you any binding punch option you need for the job.

With dies available in Wire, Comb, Coil, or 3 hole, this interchangeable die feature gives you the versatility and efficiency you need.

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In Stock

Akiles, Dies for VersaMac Modular Punch. Available in Coil, Wire, Comb or 3 Hole. Need Assistance? Call us for help 1-800-886-2463.

Akiles VersaMac Modular Punch with interchangeable dies Akiles Versamac
Akiles VersaMac Modular Punch with interchangeable dies
Akiles VersaMac Plus Akiles VersaMac Plus
Commercial Grade Electric Modular Punch with Automatic Paper Ejector & Stacker Automatically Punch, Eject, Stack, and Jog, the Akiles VersaMac+
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