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Akiles AlphaBind-CE Comb Binding Machine Akiles AlphaBind-CE High-Volume Comb Binding Machine Akiles AlphaBind Comb Punch and Binding Machine

Akiles AlphaBind-CE Comb Binding Machine

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Akiles AlphaBind-CE

Akiles Heavy-Duty Electric Comb Binding System (Item# AAB-CE) 

Following the great success of the Akiles MegaBind-1E (which has a 14" punch length), the new Akiles AlphaBind-CE offers a 12" punch length and a more attractive cost. An ideal comb binding system for those who work mainly with Letter-size (8.5 x 11) sheets.

Product Description

  • Electric Punching, Manual Binding
  • Foot Pedal operated
  • Punching Length: 12" with open throat for longer documents.
  • High-Volume Punch Capacity: With its unique punching mechanism, you can punch up to 20 sheets of 20 lbs paper per lift.
  • Binding Capacity: Up to 2"
  • Die Disengagement Pins: Allows punching of all paper sizes without any partially punched holes.
  • Depth Margin Control: Adjustable depth margins (4 steps) offers the best margin distance for each book size.
  • Side Margin Control
  • Large Waste Compartment: Easily accessible from the front of the machine.
  • Heavy Duty Design: All metal construction.
  • Weight: 61 Lbs
  • 1 Year Warranty - Limited Warranty


Assembly Instructions

  1. Place your new AlphaBind on top of a sturdy work table
  2. Place the foot bedal on the floor in front of the machine
  3. Plug the power cord into the back of the machine
  4. Plug the other end of the power cord into an outlet with the correct voltage and type


Punching Instructions

  1. Turn power on.
  2. Align the side margin control to the corret position according to the sheet or cover size (Use ruler guide for proper alignment).
  3. Push-in and rotate depth margin control to the desired position.
  4. Recommended depth margin per comb size: Position 1: Small size comb (3/16" to 1/2"), Position 2: Mid size comb (7/16" to 7/8"), Position 3: Mid size comb (3/4" to 1"), Position 4: Large size comb(1-1/8" to 2").
  5. Pull our disengagement pins to avoid partially perforated holes.
  6. Insert sheets into the punch throat.
  7. Activate the punching action by stepping on the foot pedal.


Binding Instructions

  1. Place pre-selected comb behind comb opener fingers (With comb opening upward).
  2. Gently rotate comb opener handle clockwise to open comb.
  3. Align and insert punched pages onto comb fingers
  4. Gently rotate comb opener handle counter-clockwise to close comb
  5. Lift the bound document up off the comb opener fingers


To Lubricate Punch Dies

  1. Remove front punch die cover with a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the 4 screws
  2. Apply die lubricant with a brush or gentle spray (only a small amount of die lubricant is needed)
  3. Screw punch die cover back on
  4. Remove excessive lubricant by punching scrap paper


Punching Operation:
  • Electric
Punching Capacity
  • 20 Sheets (20 lbs paper)
Punching Length
  • 12" (21 Dies) Open Throat
Disengagable Dies
  • All 21 Dies
Binding Capacity
  • Up to 2"
Adjustable Depth Margin
  • Included
Adjustable Side Margin
  • Included
Hole Size
  • Rectangular (5/16" x 1/8")
Weight and Volume
  • 61 Lbs & 3.4 CbFt
  • 1 Year


 Akiles AlphaBind Brochure

 Akiles AlphaBind Operator Manual


If you need further assistance, or would like to talk about this machine please contact us

at 1-800-886-2463.


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