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Akiles DuoMac 321 Akiles DuoMac 321 Akiles DuoMac 321

Akiles DuoMac Series 2-in-1 Combination Binding Machines

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The Duomac is one of the most customizable all-in-one binders on the market. Personalize your Duomac to work with any combination of 2 of the 5 most popular binding methods. Effortlessly and efficiently wire punch and bind over 200 sheets with one of the best all-in-one wire binders out there.


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Akiles DuoMac Series

The All-In-One Punch & Binding Equipment

Set-Up Instructions for Akiles DuoMac 2-in-1

  1. Based on diameter scale reading, on the master selector you will see:

    • Depth margin of punch (color coded)
    • Wire closure
    • Wire, coil or comb size
  2. Set depth margin control to the color determined from step 1. Color indicated on depth margin control should match color on master selector.
  3. (For models with wire 21 or wire 21) Set closer control to the wire closure size determined from step 1.

  4. (If needed) Use master selector to select/identify the size of your wires or combs


How to Assemble Akiles DuoMac 2-in-1


  1. Place your new DuoMac on top of a sturdy working table.
  2. (For models with Comb binding unit) Install Comb Binding unit to machine as illustrated.
  3. Remove the screw from punching axle clockwise as indicated, connect the 2 punch handles, (the longer one in front and the shorter one in rear) in a vertical position onto the punch anxle. Tighten-back the screws counter clockwise.
  4. (For models with wire 31 or wire 21 option) Repeat the same for wire closer handle (on the left).







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