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Akiles FlexiPunch-E Heavy Duty Modular Punch FlexiPunch-E Die Patterns

Akiles FlexiPunch-E Heavy Duty Modular Punch

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Akiles FlexiPunch-E

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Akiles FlexiPunch-E Binding MachineAkiles FlexiPunch-E

Heavy-Duty Electric Modular Punch with Interchangeable Die Feature

FlexiPunch-E is a versatile modular punching machine with an affordable price that gives you the binding options you need in everyday work. You can do a coil binding job, and minutes later squeeze in a wire or comb binding project using the same primary punch. The high-quality precision die sets available with this machine will last for years of production. One die of your choice is provided with the unit.

Suggested Supplemental Modules

We offer a variety of supplemental modules to the FlexiPunch-E, that will help you complete your binding jobs faster and easier. Shown at right on top of the FlexiPunch-E is our Finish@Coil E1 Coil Inserter/Crimper Module. This combination is the worlds first to allow an operator to punch the sheets, insert & crimp coils (sizes 6mm-50mm) all by electrical power! The Finish@Coil E1 footprint fits right on top of the FlexiPunch-E to save space. It can also be placed next to the FlexiPunch-E so 2 operators can work the job simultaneously. Similar modules are available for wire binding (WBM532)and comb binding (CBM650) as well.

Akiles FlexiPunch-E Set Up Guide

  1. Place your new FlexiPunch-E on top of a sturdy work table
  2. Place the foot pedal on the floor in front of the machine
  3. Plug cord into back of the machine
  4. Plug the other end of the power cord into an outlet with the correct voltage

Akiles FlexiPunch-E Die Set Installation

Main power must be off before punch die installation begins

  1. Slide the Punch Die in place. See Picture 1
  2. Turn Lock Punch Handle clockwise to lock Die Punch. See Picture 2
  3. Mount the Punching Table/Waste bin. See Picture 3 (manual version only
  4. Mount Punching Table. See Picture 4

FlexiPunch-E Installation Guide

Akiles FlexiPunch-E Operation Guide

  1. Turn power on. See Picture 1
  2. Align the Side Margin Guide to the correct position according to the punch die installed and sheet (or cover) size. See Picture 2
  3. Push in and rotate Depth margin Control to desired position. See Picture 3
  4. Pull out Disengagement pins to avoid partially perforated holes. See Picture 4
  5. Insert sheets into Punch Throat. See Picture 5
  6. Activate the punching action by stepping on the foot pedal. See Picture 6B
  7. Repeat steps 5&6 until all sheets have been punched

FlexiPunch-E Operation Guide

Akiles FlexiPunch-E Die Changing Guide

  1. Remove Punch Table. See Picture 1
  2. Turn Die Lock Handle counter clockwise to unlock the Punch Die. See Picture 2
  3. Slide Punch Die out. See Picture 3
  4. Insert New Punch Die. See Picture 3
  5. Turn Die Lock Handle clockwise to lock the Punch Die. See Picture 2
  6. Mount and secure Punch Table. See Picture 1

Akiles FlexiPunch-E Die Change Guide

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Akiles FlexiPunch-E Specifications & Features

  • High Volume Punch Capacity: Up to 20 sheets of 20lb paper per cycle. Foot pedal operated.
  • Heavy-Duty Motor & Gearbox: Provides more than enough punch power for all die sets.
  • Interchangeable Die Sets with Quick Die Change Design: Easily change from one punch pattern to another within seconds, no tools needed!
  • Fully Disengageable Pins on all Dies: Allows punching of all paper sizes without partially punched holes at either end.
  • Choice of 4 Different Punch Dies: Choose from Comb (rectangular holes), Wire 2:1 (square holes), Wire 3:1 (square holes) and Coil 4:1 (0.2475) (round holes).
  • Adjustable Depth Margin: Available for all punch dies, this key feature provides the correct punch margin depth for each element or book size.
  • 12" Single Punch Length with Open Ends: Enables easy punching of Letter or A4 sizes, as well as even longer sheet sizes.
  • Built-in Anti-Jam (Reverse) Feature: When sheet overload is detected, machine automatically retracts and stops punch operation to avoid downtime.
  • Rugged Heavy-Duty Design: All metal construction, including heavy cast side plates. Non-skid feet.
  • Machine Weight - 51 Lbs
  • One year warranty
  • Die Weight - 18 lbs

Akiles FlexiPunch-E Manual


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