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Foster Paper Trimmers

Foster Keencut Cutter Machines for Sale

Known for their Keencut and Rotatrim lines, Foster is one of the top brands for paper trimmers and machine cutters. These rotary cutting machines are designed to deliver professional results when cutting various materials. Get perfect, straight cuts on paper, fabric, foam boards, PVC, tissue, corrugated plastic, and more.

Finitura has Foster products for sale online. Shop our selection of Foster brand paper trimmers below.

Foster Paper Trimmers

Rotary Trimmer Cutting Table Foster Keencut Big Bench Precision Cutting Table
Starting at: $63.00
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Big Bench combined with the Javelin, Practik or Max Precision Cutter creates the ultimate precision cutting table. The integral "Lift and Hold" mechanism on each side allows you to easily align and trim the largest work single-handedly.
Foster Javelin Series 2 Cutter Bar 44" Foster Javelin Rotary Cutter
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Foster Javelin 124" Rotary Cutter
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Fosters Javelin Series 2 64" Rotary Cutter Foster Javelin 64" Rotary Cutter
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Foster Keencut Evolution Cutter Foster Keencut Evolution Cutter
Starting at: $1,425.00
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Rotatrim PowerTech Rotary Cutters Rotatrim PowerTech Rotary Cutters
Starting at: $90.00
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Foster Keencut Cutter Machines for Sale

Simplex and Javelin Cutting Bars

Foster Simplex Cutting Bar for SaleFoster paper trimmers and general purpose cutters are available from Finitura online. The Foster brand’s Keencut line is made for precision cutting of all types of materials. Use these cutters for your professional, straight-edge trimming needs.

Foster cutting machines include:

  • Rotary trimmers
  • Precision cutter bars
  • Mat cutters
  • Flexo plate cutters
  • Fabric cutters

Blade depth can be adjusted on Foster cutters for even more versatility. Simplex and Javelin cutters are made to cut:

  • Paper
  • Acrylic
  • Banners
  • Corrugated plastic
  • Foam board
  • PVC
  • Tissue

Foster Cutting Table for SaleSome general purpose cutters can be modified with specialty cutting wheels in order to also cut fabric and textile.

Additional features of Foster paper trimmers and cutters include:

  • Safety edges
  • Waste catchers
  • Replaceable blades

Blade holders on the cutting machines are designed to make replacement as easy and safe as possible.

In addition to Foster's cutting machines, Finitura has customizable rotary trimmer cutting tables. Aluminum Foster tables are designed to provide stable surfaces when using your cutting or trimming machine. A “Lift and Hold” mechanism makes securing the cutter easier than ever.

Shop for Foster products online with Finitura or view our entire selection of paper finishing machines.