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James Burn Wire Binding Machine

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James Burn Wire Binding Machine PB3300

The only wire binding machine with both electric punching and electric binding!

Mid-volume Wire-O document binding just got easier and more affordable. Introducing the PB3300 Electric Tabletop Wire-O Binding Machine from James Burn. With features that truly put it in a class by itself, including: a heavy-duty electric PUNCH; Wire-O INSERTER; and electric Wire-O CLOSER - all in one attractive, compact tabletop binding machine. The James Burn PB3300 is a versatile electric punch with an electric closer and is simple to operate and binds Wire-O documents from 2 to 210 sheets, on a bound edge up to 13".

  • With the James Burn PB3300 you can electrically punch up to 25 sheets per lift (20# bond), then hang the sheets on unique built-in Wire-O holder for time-saving document binding - Punch more pages in less time than other tabletop units
  • The James Burn PB3300 electrically closes and binds Wire-O sizes from 3/16" up to 1-1/4
  • Electric closer speeds productivity and guarantees a consistent finish + Hands-free foot pedal operation adds productivity
  • Tilted closing table and jaws for optimum document positioning
  • Easily adjusts for different Wire-O sizes
  • Convenient built-in book thickness gauge for accurate Wire-O size selection
  • 3:1 & 2:1 round or square hole Wire-O punch dies available from stock. Other dies available for plastic comb or plastic coil finishing. Fast & simple changeovers - punch dies slide in and lock in place in less than 1 minute
  • Retractable punch pins allow for standard Wire-O formats.
  • Built-in spare die storage ensures punch tools are always available & protected
  • Anti-pinch photo cell prevents inadvertent punching and closing cycles
  • Small footprint allows easy machine placement wherever it's needed
  • Perfect for office, in-plant reproduction center, or commercial print-for-profit where Wire-O volumes do not justify higher-cost automation

*Please note that additional punching dies are available, look for punching dies.

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